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Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

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For the last decade, Pason has devoted to develop traditional Chinese herbal medicine with new technologies. Collaborating with 4 clinical researchers based on the well-known universities and research institutes, Pason has released 6 new products in the treatment of common cold, sports injuries, hepatitis B. as well as new product PS-041 Herbal Tea, for immune enhancement that received good comments from both scientists and consumers, which is effective for the improvement of immune system after chemotherapy.


PS-063 has been confirmed as effective agents to release the symptoms of common cold. a According to the clinical trial data, it is believed that it has the effect for prevention of influenza.


 The traditional Chinese medicine industry was expected to grow at an annual rate of 12 percent averagely from 2015. Pason is targeting the European market, and preparing the registration for its products in Europe.

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