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Pason’s third- generation facial skin care products were launched

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Pason’s third generation of facial skin care products are officially launched to the domestic market in July of 2008. The primary market response to the products is quite satisfactory.


Pason had obtained the approval of official government for the new products early this year.  After reorganizing and reconstructing the distribution channels, the official sales started in July of 2008.  Pason’s current sales networks are more powerful and efficient. We are expecting a large sales volume in the future.


By using unique ingredients, special preparation and high technology, Pason’s skin care products are safe and effective.  It contains more than 50 ingredients. High-performance natural ingredients can nourish the skin while improving the metabolism and structure of the skin, making the skin more elastic and smooth.


Pason is confident of its product pipeline. The R&D center is currently focusing on the development of fourth generation of skin care products. The products are expected to get the government approval next year.

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