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Our Advantages

International Technical Standards

Our products are developed, manufactured, and verified by the highest international technical standards. The specification, performance, and evaluation standards of the instruments and the reagents are essential for measuring the quality and reliability of diagnostic platforms. All Pason's products adopt the highest international standards; some have been registered and approved by the American FDA and the European IVDR. The products have many advantages and unique characteristics, such as high sensitivity, specificity, reproducibility, and stability. High sensitivity enables the instruments to detect low concentrations of target substances, providing accurate and reliable results. Excellent specificity can distinguish between targets and interfering substances, avoiding misdiagnosis. Outstanding reproducibility and stability can ensure consistent results in multiple tests. Meanwhile, the instruments and the reagents have many substantial advantages and features regarding ease of use and operation, short testing time, etc. The simple, easy, and convenient operation and short testing time can significantly improve work efficiency and speed. The instruments and reagents also have excellent performance characteristics such as low failure rate, high throughput, reliable and stable results, etc. The products can always meet the users' requirements with excellent performance, providing the users with the best user experience.